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RMAX – Your trusted polystyrene insulation suppliers

RMAX is Australia’s largest manufacturer of expanded polystyrene products (EPS) and expanded Polypropylene (EPP). RMAX EPS products touch almost every Australian, from polystyrene building and insulation products in Australia to produce packaging, automotive components, child car safety restraints and even surfboards to name a few.


When you need to buy polystyrene building products RMAX has you covered. Our Expanded polystyrene is a quality Australian made product. It has been developed in Australia by RMAX specifically for Australian conditions and to meet the stringent Australian Building codes in all states.

RMAX has developed a range of innovative products for the industry to assist in maximising insulation.

Recent innovations include RMAX Orange Board®, ThermaStar™, ThermaProof™ThermaSilver® Other products are regularly in development or undergoing certification to ensure they will meet or exceed Australian Building standards.

As Australian polystyrene insulation suppliers, you are supporting the local industry and economy when you choose us. You can find out more about our polystyrene building products online or simply contact us for further details on how you can buy from us in Australia.

Civil Engineering

RMAX expanded polystyrene is a best choice solution to efficiently and cost effectively stabilise construction projects. It enables faster construction schedules, is easy to use, is non-toxic and inert, provides no nutrient value to plants, animals and micro-organisms, and does not rot.

Cold Chain Solutions

RMAX EPS is a simple and ingenious solution to cold chain packaging requirements as it combines two brilliant characteristics of EPS – insulation and shock resistance. The high quality RMAX packaging containers offer exceptional value for any application requiring economical insurance against both thermal and physical impact.

Produce & Aquaculture

RMAX manufactures a wide range of produce boxes designed to keep valuable goods fresh and safe during transit. Clean and hygienic, they are designed to protect produce from land, lake or sea in transit to market and are ideal for product display.

Engineered Plastic Foams

RMAX has been at the forefront of Custom Moulding technology for over 40 years and are Australia’s largest shape moulders of Rigid Cellular Plastics. Our moulded product range includes packaging for the fresh food, white goods, safety equipment, sporting equipment, and electronics industries as well as components for the automotive industry.