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Specialised Applications & Techniques

RMAX provides a number of processes to add value to the moulding processes undertaken.

Textured Finish

In automotive applications textured finish can provide both visual and engineering benefits to a product. RMAX can design and produce tools that provide a textured finish for your specific application.

Sreen Texture - the texture can be used over full area or localised area.

Herringbone - minimises surface contact area, depending on grade of EPP used.

Animal Grain - hides EPP bead appearance, can have varying depth.

Geometrical Pattern - uses pin vents.


RMAX can help with designing new parts or with prototyping of new parts to allow customer to confirm the part shape, dimensions and practicality. This service reduces the risk of errors in designing and costs that may be associated with re-working new tools to achieve the required objectives.

Snap Fit Applications

When EPP parts are required to be connected to other plastic or metal parts in assembly RMAX can mould the EPP parts with precision to ensure a consistent and reliable snap fit connection.

The resilience of EPP allows it to compress and then return to shape. This means that parts can be made that snap together with a small degree of force, then securely lock in place, connected like a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle. The durability of EPP allows this process to be repeated indefinitely. Tool kits including jacks, wheel nut levers and other assorted tools are a good example of the application of this ability.

Post Moulding Processes

Post moulding processes such as addition of self adhesive tape and snap lock part addition can be done by RMAX to suit your particularly application. Other post part production processes are also available.

Check Gauging

For critical dimension accuracy RMAX can provide check gauges. These allow parts to be checked for all relevant dimensions. Reports on dimensional accuracy of parts can be supplied as a part of off tools samples or as part of on going production performance measurement.

Physical Testing of Products and Samples

RMAX has a NATA approved laboratory capable of completing a range of physical property tests of rigid foam products such as EPS and EPP. We have used this laboratory for part submission testing, new material qualification testing and comparative testing of raw material suppliers.

When there are tests outside the scope of the laboratory we have links with a number of capable facilities (inside and outside of Australia) who can complete this testing.