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Produce & Aquaculture

RMAX manufacture expanded polystyrene (EPS) produce containers suitable for almost any application related to produce of any kind. For fruit, vegetables or seafood, RMAX has a wide range of lidded and unlidded containers able to be adapted to the needs of primary producers.

RMAX innovation has produced a range of boxes that offer the best protection and convenience coupled with excellent product preservation and ease of stacking.

With our innovative approach to customer solutions, we are able to design a container that will meet your specific requirements – be that maintaining constant temperature, allowance for airflow, display needs or other specific requirements.

The unique insulative qualities of RMAX expanded polystyrene (EPS) ensure that produce remains at its optimum transport temperature longer ensuring your valuable commodity arrives the way it left – fresh.

Made from RMAX expanded polystyrene, all of our produce boxes are 100% recyclable and are manufactured with an incredibly small environmental footprint.