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RMAX is a company driven by innovation and this is well demonstrated in our work in the automotive sector. RMAX work closely with Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) raw material suppliers to look for and develop new applications for EPP and other expanded polymer foams in Australia.

This has been done through collaborative efforts with car manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry using the unique properties of EPP and other speciality expanded polymers.

We also have close ties with machinery suppliers who have developed the EPP markets in Europe, America and Asia.

An example of RMAX innovation

RMAX were asked to quote on supply of a safety critical under carpet part with high-density requirement and specific compressive strength performance over the range of compression expected in a crash scenario.

Initial testing revealed the polymer being recommended did not meet the strength requirements. RMAX worked with the raw material supplier and the customer to determine the best polymer for the task, requiring a specific testing protocol and detailed analytical reports on the performance of various possible polymers.

The end result was a polymer fit for purpose with a larger operating window in the moulding cycle and reduced cost to the customer whilst meeting the safety requirements for this part.