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Safety, weight reduction, impact resistance and cost efficiency are the key drivers behind car manufacture worldwide and in Australia.

RMAX EPP and specialised polymers such as co-polymers of Polystyrene and Polyethylene provide the Australian car makers and component suppliers with many opportunities to achieve these goals and more in their vehicles.

The diagram below demonstrates the extent that RMAX EPS and EPP are used.

Applications for EPP in Vehicle Systems

Energy Absorption Systems

EPP components such as automotive bumper systems absorb energy on impact to help reduce passenger injury and vehicle damage in low speed incidents. EPP has the ability to withstand multiple events reducing repair costs. EPP is lighter than many injection moulded bumper systems.

Side Impact Protection

RMAX supplies EPP to car manufacturers for installation in doors that reduce the effect of side impact on cars. These products also improve thermal efficiency and assist in weight reduction.

Knee Protection

EPP can be used in knee protection components to help reduce injuries to both driver and front seat passengers, complementing other devices such as seat belts and air bags.

Pillar Impact Protection

A, B and C pillars can be laminated with appropriate coverings and help make pillars less of an impact hazard in crash conditions.

Storage Components

EPP supplies products moulded specifically to allow efficient storage of tool kits, jacks and miscellaneous items to reduce damage to these items through years of driving, provide a visually appealing finish to the storage compartments of the car and reduce weight savings compared to other materials. EPP is tough and durable and perfectly suited to this application.

Under Carpet Systems

As part of under carpet systems EPP reduces weight whilst providing impact resistance and comfort to passengers.