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Designing and Testing EPS Packaging

RMAX can design and manufacture a specific pack to suit your special needs. With our knowledge of the requirements of your product we can design the size, weight and shape around your product. We will then have tools manufactured to make your new packaging.

RMAX can also test your product for strength in both static load and also through use of standard drop tests. RMAX is the only EPS producer in Australia with an approved Air Freight Drop Test facility. Other important tests such as oscillating table and transport simulation can be arranged through RMAX at approved testing laboratories.

Maintaining Shipment Temperature

Life-critical medications and vaccines can be rendered ineffective or even harmful if recommended temperature parameters are not met during transportation. The high thermal insulation and moisture resistance properties of RMAX EPS deliver peak performance at any temperature. Chilled goods stay chilled. Ambient goods stay within the desired temperature range whatever the weather.

The Astute Environmental and Commercial Choice

RMAX EPS is also the leading material used in cold room sandwich panel construction, providing chilled storage for thousands of tonnes of products with significant energy saving over the cool-room life cycle.

RMAX EPS is approximately 96% - 99% air and 4% - 1% polystyrene, making RMAX FoodSafe and PharmaSafe packaging resource efficient products with a small carbon footprint.