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RMAX CodeMark™ Certification

The entire RMAX EIFS Direct Fix ( previously our standard range) and the new Batten Cavity Cladding Product Range has been audited and assessed by CertMark International (CMI). CMI is an accredited independent certification body (ISO Guide 65). In undertaking this assessment, CMI have awarded CodeMark™ certification under individual CodeMark™ Certificate Numbers covering all the individual EIFS cladding panel product types that go to make up the RMAX Batten Cavity and Direct Fix EIFS Cladding Product Range.

The product range comprises Orange Board®, Thermawall®, ThermaWall Plus®, ThermawallSilver® and ThermawallPlus Silver®.


The CodeMark™ Certificate of conformity outlines National compliance of the RMAX EIFS Batten Cavity and Direct Fix EIFS Cladding Product Range for use in class 1 and 10 buildings and class 2 and 3 buildings of type C construction, to the relevant Building Code of Australia (BCA) Codes relating to:

• Structural Integrity
• Weatherproofing
• Fire Hazard Properties
• Construction in Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL)
• Energy Efficiency
• Energy Efficiency for External walls

CodeMark™ Certificates

The individual CodeMark certificates for each of the RMAX Batten Cavity or Direct Fix EIFS Cladding Products can be found on the relevant product pages on this website. Use the links above to direct you to these pages. Alternatively, they can be sourced directly through your local RMAX Batten Cavity or Direct Fix EIFS Cladding Product Range distributor.

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