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Features & Benefits

Wide range of standard shapes
Enables you to provide cost effective yet decorative features to your project.

Individual cutting service
Your design inspiration can be brought to reality without compromise.

Light weight yet strong
Its light weight allows ease of handling and storage without any reduction in strength.

Environmentally sound
The EPS used in DecoTrim® is 100% recyclable and has a small environmental footprint in production.
In addition it provides no nutritive value to plants animals and micro-organisms, does not rot and is highly resistant to mildew, assisting in the reduction of building maintenance.

Moisture resistant
DecoTrim® has excellent resistance to moisture absorption in water. Due to its closed cell structure, moisture gain has limited effect on thermal resistance values.
DecoTrim® also offers a high degree of dimensional stability in wet conditions.

Flexible design and styles
RMAX can mould or cut RMAX Isolite® EPS to your unique design.