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Engineered Plastic Foams

Our moulded product range includes packaging products for the fresh food, white goods, safety equipment, sporting equipment, electronics as well as components for the automotive industry. RMAX offers experience, personal attention and a tool design service to produce the right solution for your products.

The Real Cost of Packaging

The real cost of packaging is reflected in the contribution it can make towards a reduction in production and distribution costs, not to mention environmental benefits.

Benefits can include:

  • lower inventory and warehousing charges
  • improved productivity through packaging/packing technique
  • savings in handling and freight costs
  • reduced damage rates
  • increased sales through improved product presentation.
  • small environmental footprint in manufacture

Shock resistant EPS and EPP foams are used the world over to protect products. From the humble, but delicious mango, your new refrigerator to the human occupants of child seats, bicycle helmets and automobiles, EPS and EPP engineered plastic foams are all around us.

Importantly, the more recent ability of moulded items to provide effective thermal insulation compliments their shock protection qualities.