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Features & Benefits

EPS backed foil
Provides superior levels of insulation comfort with reduced heating and cooling cost.

Complete wall cover
Enhances insulation characteristics, dust encroachment.
Provides an early weatherproof envelope to the structure.

RMAX Environmental EPS
Enhances R values of the structure.
Low environmental footprint.

Thin, lightweight panels
Saves space without loss of insulative qualities. Easy to handle.

Easy to install
Can be shaped with knife or handsaw saving time.

Non-irritant, inert and does not contain harmful gases
Safe to use.

Neutral environment
Does not promote bacterial growth or provide a food source.

Long term R values
Provides as new insulation for the life of the structure.

Moisture resistant
Retains its R values even under the most severe conditions.

Freeze-thaw cycling
Maintains its insulative properties over the long term.