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Plastic Foam Product Description

Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded polystyrene is a foam based on polystyrene plastic. When pentane is diffused through the polystyrene polymer and then the polymer is re-heated, the pentane expands and softens the styrene to produce the brilliant white foam – expanded polystyrene.

Custom Moulded EPS Products

RMAX environmental EPS is a lightweight, versatile, durable and economical material ideally suited to a wide range of uses, from insulation, packaging and floatation to void filling and decorative finishes.

Expanded Propylene (EPP)

Expanded Polypropylene is made from Polypropylene. It is rugged and resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. EPP also possesses excellent water resistance and shock absorption characteristics. EPP is tolerant of numerous shocks and this feature is exemplified in the use of EPP in automotive applications.

Custom Moulded Expanded Polypropylene

RMAX has been working with, selling and developing the EPP product and application in Australia long before any other suppliers started to look at this material. We continue to be at the forefront of applications and use of this product in Australia.

The base of EPP, polypropylene, gives the product flexibility and strength plus the added advantage of a higher heat distortion temperature (that is it can withstand higher environmental conditions prior to changing shape).

EPP has superior chemical resistance to many other polymers including EPS – a major advantage in automotive applications where oils and solvents are found.

EPP is being used in more and more applications – particularly in the automotive industry where a ‘common’ polymer type is preferred in order to make the recycling of vehicles easier in the future. Polypropylene is widely used as vehicle bumpers, interior trim parts, side impact protection, pillar protection, wheel liners and carpet yarns.

EPP is a versatile material and by careful choice of design, foam grade and foam density, the physical properties of polypropylene moulded articles can be tailored to suit specific applications.