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Features & Benefits

The Benefits of RMAX Environmental EPS Produce Boxes

  • Superior insulating qualities keep contents colder for longer - preventing spoiling and meeting food safety requirements.

  • Water can be retained as they are unaffected by moisture, unlike other boxes, they hold the integrity of the box shape when wet.

  • Superb impact and shock protection of contents in transit and storage.

  • Clean white finish provides for excellent product preservation and sales appeal.

  • A totally inert environment that minimises the risk of bacterial infection.

  • Strong, yet lightweight and easy to handle. No assembly or stapling is required. Does not collapse in cold storage.

  • Sidewall location lugs allow interlocking, thereby reducing movement on pallets and minimising excessive strapping.

  • Built in venting allows for unrestricted airflow for fast cooling in either forced air cooling or hydro-cooling. Vents also allow escape of contents emissions (e.g. ethylene).

  • Versatile – one style of box can fit applications across the range. Alternatively a custom made box can be designed for specific needs such as hydro cooling.

  • Environmentally safe, 100% recyclable, an incredibly small environmental footprint in manufacture.

In addition to the above, RMAX Environmental EPS has a host of additional benefits that apply to the transport and storage of produce:

Shock absorption

RMAX EPS has a high-energy absorption index – ideal for protecting produce during transit.

High thermal insulation 

Protects produce from sudden temperature change while still maintaining ‘Cool Chain’ requirements.


Reduces overall packaging weight providing savings in fuel consumption during transit. Less environmental impact.

Humidity resistance

RMAX EPS is unaffected by humidity because it does not absorb water.

Compressive resistance

Provides ability to bulk stack in warehouse.

Nil chemical resistance

Allows produce to be packed without fear of contamination.

Hygienic nature
RMAX EPS is inert and innocuous and meets all food contact regulatory standards.