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Research & Development

Our research and development focuses on two key areas – the design and development of specific custom moulded products and the research and development of new materials and techniques that will benefit our customers through better, more efficient products.

Custom Moulded Products

Every one of the products we produce is custom designed for our client’s specific application, with each designed to meet a specific need.

New Materials and Techniques

New materials are constantly being developed and utilized as their properties and potential applications are explored. Polymers such as expandable rubber modified polystyrene are now in use giving improved impact resistance to EPS with the higher end properties of EPP. RMAX recently worked with a major computer manufacturer to utilize this product in a new application.

Product Development

RMAX, through its many years of experience, has developed the knowledge and systems to assist our customers with new product development and packaging. We undertake research and development projects on a continuous basis.

A number of these are customer driven and a number are based on RMAX searching for new and innovative ways to improve current techniques for packaging or impact resistance. RMAX also works with a number of leading raw material suppliers and machinery suppliers to stay at the forefront of global trends, unique applications and product development. We have successfully provided innovative design and tooling solutions along with manufacturing techniques for a range of products and component parts.

RMAX has successfully provided innovative design and tooling solutions along with manufacturing techniques for a range of products and component parts. These solutions have utilized the characteristics of Rigid Cellular Plastics to enable cost efficiencies:

  • Design and tooling flexibility can be achieved through interchangeable cores (for common external part dimensions), break off runners or sections (for similar configuration but dimensionally different) and detachable inserts (for product detail variations).
  • Family tool arrangements can result in multiple part configurations to enable utilization of singular and/or part multiples for varying customer requirements.
  • Multi-cavity tool arrangements can offer maximum product output benefits resulting in competitively priced articles.

Substantial productivity benefits have been achieved through RMAX initiated programmes. Our business aims for maximum versatility and efficiency in project development.

Prototype Development

When designing new products it is often useful and occasionally essential to physically see how the part will look in real life. RMAX can produce prototypes for you without the expense of having to build a new tool.

RMAX can also supply material to allow you to develop a prototype.

Specialised Applications and Techniques

RMAX provides a number of processes to add value to the moulding processes undertaken.

Textured Finishes

Textured finishes can provide both visual and engineering benefits to a product. RMAX can design and produce tools that provide a textured finish to your specific application. Shown below is a sample of the finishes available:

Screen Texture – the texture can be used over full area or localised area.
Herringbone – minimises surface contact area, depending on grade of EPP used.
Animal Grain – hides EPP bead appearance, can have varying depth.
Geometrical Pattern – uses pin vents.

Snap Fit Applications

RMAX provides a number of processes to add value to the moulding process undertaken. We can mould EPP parts with precision to ensure a consistent and reliable snap fit connection.

The resilience of EPP allows it to compress and then return to shape, so parts can be made that snap together with a small degree of force. Tool kits including jacks, wheel nut levers and other assorted tools are a good example of this ability.

Post Mould Process

Self adhesive tape and snap lock part addition can be done by RMAX to suit your particular application. Other post part production processes will always be considered on request.

Check Gauging

For critical dimension accuracy RMAX can provide check gauges. These allow parts to be checked for all relevant dimensions. Reports on dimensional accuracy of parts can be supplied as a part of off tools samples or as part of ongoing production performance measurement.

Physical Testing of Products and Samples

RMAX has a NATA approved laboratory capable of completing a range of physical property tests of rigid foam products. We have used this laboratory for part submission testing, new material qualification testing and comparative testing of raw material suppliers.


RMAX can help with designing new parts or with production of prototypes of new parts to allow the customer to confirm the part shape, dimensions and practicality. This service reduces the risk of errors in designing and costs that may be associated with re-working new tools to achieve the required objectives.