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RMAX GeoFoam lays below Sydney's biggest project

Barangaroo is one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects in the world today, embodying world-class design excellence and sustainability.

It is one of the world’s foremost waterfront renewal projects and showcases Sydney as Australia’s gateway to the world.

The 22 hectare,$6 billion Barangaroo precinct will help redefine the western edge of Sydney Harbour with such a large project it is inevitable that a number of RMAX construction products are used within the landscaping and buildings in this landmark development.

RMAX GeoFoam was used extensively by Lend Lease’s civil contractor, over 2000 cubic meters of high density expanded polystyrene installed over six months of construction.

Used extensively as an inert non biodegradable fill under the new public park area, we worked closely with the engineering design team to ensure this bespoke run of RMAX GeoFoam met all of the load requirements, saved time and reduced cost on the project.

The cellular structure of RMAX GeoFoam® helps to absorb and dissipate crush loads and it’s cellular structure results in Isotropic physical properties -the physical properties are the same in all directions RMAX GeoFoam® is a high performance expanded polystyrene (EPS) fill material specifically designed for civil engineering and commercial building construction. Its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio makes it the ideal choice for absorbing heavy structural and mechanical loads and reducing underlying soil stresses which in turn helps to stabilise roads, steep embankments, bridge abutments and sensitive below ground pipe work. It is also a highly versatile material that can be easily used as a quick and easy cost-saving method for concrete form-work or weight reduction on foundations. Its uses in civil construction are endless.

7 Good Reasons to use RMAX GeoFoam®

  1. Superb compressive strength
  2. Reduced construction times -cost effective
  3. Durable and non-biodegradable
  4. Inhibits water absorption
  5. Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  6. Versatility, concrete formwork and more
  7. Improves design flexibility

"The Barangaroo project will be a positive and enduring benefit to future generations. RMAX NSW is proud to have played it's part in the building of this public domain"

Sino Iron Ore:

RMAX Environmental Expanded Polystyrene used in Sino iron Ore Project

The massive Sino Iron project is being developed at Cape Preston, 100 kilometres south west of Karratha in Western Australia's Pilbara region. It is the largest magnetite mining and processing operation under construction in Australia. The project is focused on delivering a world class magnetite iron ore development which will add value to the Western Australian economy.

The main Contractor, BGC Contracting, was required to build the foundations for 6 trains of AG Mills and Pebble crushers.  The scope of work included site preparation, formwork and concrete pour in a contract valued at around $ 80 million.

 Gabion in place

The problem centered on the autogenous grinding mills, each weighing in at 1,300 tonnes and which required extremely large concrete foundations. Two issues arose with the foundations - the cost of concrete and the resultant heat generated from concrete curing. BCG identified two possible alternatives – the use of gabion cages of rock or the placement of expanded polystyrene blocks held within the gabion cages inside the concrete.

Working together the RMAX staff in Perth and the BGC engineers were able to develop the Expanded Polystyrene method to achieve all their requirements in a time line that blended seamlessly with the overall Project objectives. A number of advantages were identified - superb compressive strength, lightweight and easy to use and durable and non biodegradable and non toxic.

 AG Mill train installed on foundations

 The gabion cages were manufactured in Perth and RMAX expanded polystyrene was inserted. The complete units were then shipped to the site at Karratha, 1,500 km north.

Six foundations measuring 30m x 22m were required. Total concrete used was around 30,000 cubic metres with around 7,500 cubic metres of RMAX Environmental Expanded Polystyrene used.

 Gabion being loaded with RMAX GeoFoam in Perth

The contractor praised the work done by RMAX to meet all requirements of the project despite having to deal with scope changes during construction and   accelerated deadlines.

RMAX GEOFOAM® plays it part in the Victorian Peninsula Link Project

The completed Peninsular Link

RMAX GEOFOAM® was used as embankment fill and for use in bridge abutments in the construction of the recently completed Peninsula Link project in Melbourne. This 27 kilometre road travels between Carrum Downs and Mount Martha and was built at a cost of $759 million.

On completion the new freeway will ease traffic congestion on surrounding roads such as the Frankston Freeway and Moorooduc Highway. Peninsula Link will save motorists time with a full trip between Mt Martha and Carrum Downs taking just 17 minutes – a saving of up to 40 minutes in peak periods. Motorists will be able to travel from Melbourne's CBD to Rosebud without experiencing a traffic light.

In order to meet the construction requirements and time line, a reputable supplier was required who could deliver quality product in volume in a timely manner.

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RMAX GeoFoam® has been proven locally and Internationally

For over 30 years Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has proven itself to be a reliable and dependable material. EPS use in civil engineering commenced in Scandinavia in 1971 and in the United States of America in 1974.

Since that time EPS has been used in geotechnical applications across the world. RMAX GeoFoam® has been used in geotechnical applications in Australia since 1992 commencing with the construction of Lynch’s Bridge in Maribyrnong, Victoria. It has been extensively researched and tested and meets many of the industry’s most rigorous standards.

Some of the projects where RMAX GeoFoam® has been in Australia used are:

Southbank Interchange Western Link Freeway,Power Street Bridge-North Abutment (4,000 cubic metres)

New South Wales:
Moore Park Tunnel construction Cross City TunnelKiama Bypass

Port Motorway Project Clem Tunnel Northern BuswayKuripla Bridges