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RMAX Insulation Products

The RMAX range of building and insulation products includes:

ThermaWallPlus® External Insulated Cladding
ThermaWall® Insulated external grooved cladding
ThermaSilver® High Performance Multi Purpose Insulation
ThermaAdvantage® Foil Faced Insulation Board
Orange Board® Insulated cladding system
ThermaStar™ Double sided foil faced insulation
ThermaFlex® Wall, Ceiling and Floor Insulation
ThermaRoof® Roofing Insulation System
ThermaProof™ High Performance Water Resistant Exterior Roofing Insulation
Isolite® Expanded Polystyrene - sheet or profile cut
VoidForm® Waffle Raft Slab System
ThermaLock® High Efficiency Thermal Insulation for piping and vessels

If you have an insulation design or construction problem, call RMAX. We can assist in finding
the answer and then manufacture your custom solution.