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Isolite® Insulation

Isolite® flame retardant modified EPS is manufactured by RMAX for use in a variety of insulation applications including metal skin sandwich panels, prefabricated building components and composite ceiling panels. It is also manufactured into a wide range of roof, wall and floor slab products.


EPS in Packaging

One of the many other important applications for EPS is packaging. The properties of lightness, shock absorption, low thermal conductance, resistance to moisture and weathering, absence of taste and odour, a soft satiny surface and attractive appearance make EPS an excellent packaging material for sensitive and high unit value products.

Floatation and Bouyancy

RMAX Isolite® is often used for construction of pontoons and other buoyancy devices- See our section on RMAX Polydeck® for further information.

Stage Sets and 3 Dimensional Items

Due to it's ease of use RMAX Isolite® is often used to provide 3 dimensional items for decorative elements in stage set design, advertising and theming.

RMAX Services

As the largest manufacturer of EPS in Australia, RMAX is able to offer customers a range of design, testing and other services together with advice on the processing of EPS by the block moulding, hot wire cut and computerised profile-cutting processes. Enquiries are welcome and should be directed to your nearest RMAX office.