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RMAX GEOFOAM plays it part in the Victorian Peninsula Link Project

The completed Peninsular Link

RMAX GEOFOAM® was used as embankment fill and for use in bridge abutments in the construction of the recently completed Peninsula Link project in Melbourne. This 27 kilometre road travels between Carrum Downs and Mount Martha and was built at a cost of $759 million.

On completion the new freeway will ease traffic congestion on surrounding roads such as the Frankston Freeway and Moorooduc Highway. Peninsula Link will save motorists time with a full trip between Mt Martha and Carrum Downs taking just 17 minutes – a saving of up to 40 minutes in peak periods.  Motorists will be able to travel from Melbourne's CBD to Rosebud without experiencing a traffic light.

In order to meet the construction requirements and time line, a reputable supplier was required who could deliver quality product in volume in a timely manner.

RMAX GEOFOAM® arriving on site

RMAX, Australia’s largest EPS manufacturer, was chosen to supply their GEOFOAM® product as the embankment fill and for use in bridge abutment construction for the project. In total over 400 RMAX GEOFOAM® blocks each measuring 5. 00 x 1.20 x 0.600 metres were used in the project. This is the equivalent of 1,700 cubic metres of foam. The project included building more than 35 bridges and 18,000 square metres of retaining walls. RMAX GEOFOAM® was also used in reinforced embankments and reinforced soil walls. These constructions are required to last 100 years.

RMAX GEOFOAM® is a high performance expanded polystyrene (EPS) fill material specifically designed for civil engineering and commercial building construction. Its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio makes it the ideal choice for absorbing heavy structural and mechanical loads and reducing underlying soil stresses which in turn helps to stabilise roads and steep embankments.

RMAX GEOFOAM® in position

Because RMAX GEOFOAM® weighs between 16 and 32 kilograms per cubic metre, depending on the grade, large earthmoving equipment is not required for construction. RMAX GEOFOAM® can be cut at the RMAX factories to suit customer requirements. After the material is delivered to the site, blocks can be easily trimmed to size and placed by hand. In areas where access is limited, RMAX GEOFOAM® can be constructed vertically and faced, unlike most other lightweight fill alternatives. It also can be constructed in adverse weather conditions.

RMAX GEOFOAM® is designed and manufactured in Australia providing easy access to product and is made for Australian conditions With offices across Australia, quick and reliable delivery is assured and with over 50 years of experience, RMAX can advise and answer the most difficult questions.