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Orange Board® Technical

BRAC Accredited Complete System


RMAX Orange Board® is the brand name for RMAX exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) and is manufactured from RMAX Isolite®. RMAX Isolite® is a closed cell EPS (expanded polystyrene) material that is a resilient, lightweight rigid cellular plastic that is produced in 18 kg/m3 EPS (M Grade).

Technical Details


‘M’ Rigid cellular polystyrene – Moulded – AS 1366.3

Structural stability:

P2.1 of BCA Volume Two – AS 1366.3

Wind load:

3.10.1 of BCA Volume Two, AS 1170.2 (High wind regions A&B)

Weather proofing:

P2.2.2, BCA Volume Two AS 4284

Standard panel sizes and surface mass

5000 x 1200 x 100mm
5000 x 1200 x 75mm
2500 x 1200 x 100mm
2500 x 1200 x 75mm

Custom sizes can be accommodated. Consult your local RMAX distributor.

Thermal Rating





The RMAX Orange Board® System

The RMAX Orange Board® System comprises a selection of high quality components that are fully integrated and have been specifically designed to complement each other at every stage of construction to produce outstanding results.

The system comprises:
A   RMAX Orange Board® insulated cladding
B   RMAX Orange Board® Primer
C   RMAX Orange Board® Render
D   RMAX Orange Board® Wall Mesh
E   RMAX Orange Board® Fixing Accessories

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) Approval

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) has accredited the RMAX Orange Board® external polystyrene insulated cladding system as suitable for use as a wall cladding system in Class 1 and associated Class 10 buildings. It is approved as an external cladding and wall insulation system. Building professionals can now install and recommend RMAX Orange Board® with absolute confidence.

RMAX is the first manufacturer to receive certification from BRAC for a plain, non pre-coated EPS panel system – another demonstration of RMAX innovation at work.


Click here to download the Orange Board® BRAC Certificate.

Test Results

Click here to download the Orange Board® Technical brochure.