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Perform Guard®


Insulation helps keep people comfortable. However insulation products can be susceptible to termite infestation and as termites like to live in protected surroundings, any untreated insulation can potentially provide this environment.

Most of Australia is susceptible to termite infestation. There is a high to very high incidence of termites over most of the populated parts of the country and it is important that insulation systems take into account the potential for termite damage. Perform Guard® EPS is an important component in preventing this problem.

Perform Guard® is made using an inorganic material that is a deterrent to termites and is incorporated into the EPS during manufacture. It is not just a surface additive, but provides fully integrated protection of the EPS for the life of the building.

Perform Guard® is not a barrier system, but should be used in conjunction with a total insect management system available from reputable pest controllers.

Perform Guard® is patented by AFM, a large American supplier of EPS products.

Potential For Termite Damage

Damage by Termites

Once at home in a structure, termites can reduce the insulation effectiveness and system performance, reducing R values to below optimum levels, resulting in higher energy bills and an increase in harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, termites can cause long-term structural problems and the costs to control them can continue indefinitely.