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Ecologically Sound Disposal

Contrary to popular belief EPS is 100% recyclable.

EPS products can be granulated and added into the production of new items. RMAX granulates its own waste for reuse at many of its sites. When recycling and reuse occurs RMAX ensures that the products produced meet all required specifications - the product performance is not compromised by the use of recycled materials.

Where granulation and recycling into finished EPS products is not practical EPS can be recycled into solid Polystyrene. This Polystyrene can be used to manufacture a range of items. Examples of these are faux hardwood decking, garden furniture, coat hangers and picture frames. RMAX has invested in re-processing equipment at many of its sites and produces hundreds of tonnes of recovered waste EPS each year. RMAX is one of the largest recyclers of EPS outside of the Australian EPS industry body.

RMAX supports and assists the Australian EPS industry body EPSA (Expanded Polystyrene Australia) and  the Plastics and Chemical Industry Association (PACIA). EPSA have established and support recycling centres across Australia.

EPSA work on initiatives to improve awareness of recycling of EPS and improvement to recycling programs.

For further information on recycling contact your local RMAX sales office or EPSA.

Where EPS is not recycled it can be added to landfill and aids stability. It remains inert, does not leach chemicals or gases into the water table or atmosphere, and is non-toxic and odour free.

EPS – The Responsible Choice

Whatever the packaging or insulation requirement, you can be sure that with RMAX EPS, you are making the right choice for your business and dealing with a company that takes an environmentally responsible approach to the manufacture of EPS.