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The ThermaAdvantage® foil faced insulation board provides superior levels of insulation while reducing heating and cooling costs. It combines the outstanding thermal characteristics of EPS with the high reflectivity and low emissivity (see explanation below) of foil producing a cost effective, space saving insulation.

Unlike conventional ‘between stud’ insulation, ThermaAdvantage® provides a continuous insulation membrane by covering studs and noggins, which can occupy around 15% of wall area. This large proportion of wall when uninsulated, promotes heat loss and gain, while creating other related problems such as dust encroachment into the interior living spaces.

ThermaAdvantage® provides enhanced levels of protection and security from severe weather over the entire lifetime of the building. It is one of a select group of insulation systems that meets the CSIRO Division of Building Research specifications relating to driven rain. ThermaAdvantage™ has also been awarded accreditation by the Building Regulation Advisory Committee.

In addition to its insulation qualities, ThermaAdvantage® can provide real benefits during construction by giving an early weatherproof envelope alllowing internal trades to commence work prior to completion of the external finish. This saves time in overall construction.

ThermaAdvantage® is a quality Australian made product. It has been developed in Australia by RMAX specifically for Australian conditions and to meet the stringent Australian Building codes in all states. It is manufactured in RMAX plants in Australia in controlled production processes to maintain consistent quality.

Australian made building products support the industry and help build a more vibrant economy that benefits all Australians.

RMAX is Australia’s leading producer of environmentally friendly expanded polystyrene for domestic, commercial, industrial and civil engineering.

Emissivity is the amount of radiant heat energy absorbed by a surface, conducted through its mass, and then emitted or re-radiated through the opposite side. The lower the emissivity value, the greater the insulating protection from radiant energy transfer.

Reflectivity is the opposite of emissivity, i.e., the ability a surface has to reflect radiant heat energy. The higher the reflectivity, the less potential a material has to absorb radiant heat, the less heat is conducted through its mass and emitted or re-radiated through the opposite side.

Range and Properties

Easy to Install

ThermaAdvantage® panels are lightweight, clean and easy to cut to shape on site using a knife or handsaw. The panels can be quickly fixed to the stud using Pryda board fixers located on every stud horizontally and positioned at 600mm centres vertically.

Once fixed in place, the joints are then sealed with an RMAX approved joining tape.


ThermaAdvantage® is made form inert EPS and does not irritate the skin like some other insulation products. Nor does it give off harmful fibres or gases. It does not provide a food source or host environment for insects, vermin or bacterial growth. Nor does it decay or rot.

Long Term R values

Of all insulation products, ThermaAdvantage® stands out due to its superior thermal insulation quality. EPS performance does not deteriorate with age due to its cellular structure, which contains only stabilized air. ThermaAdvantage® can provide ‘as new’ insulation protection for the life of the building. Performance is further enhanced by its low moisture vapour transmission rate, dimensional stability and non-sagging characteristics.

Moisture Resistance

The EPS used in the production of ThermaAdvantage® is resistant to the adverse effects of moisture. Even when force saturated to moisture content ten times its own dry weight, RMAX Environmental EPS has been found to retain 80% of its R-value.

Freeze-thaw Cycling Resistance

ThermaAdvantage® is able to withstand the effects of freeze-thaw cycling, thereby assuring long-term performance in low temperature climates.

As an example, core specimens of EPS removed from freezer walls in place for twenty years demonstrated that ThermaAdvantage® can withstand long-term freeze-thaw cycling without loss of its structural integrity or any physical property.