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ThermaStar™ Features & Benefits

Australian designed and made
ThermaStar™ is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions providing builders easy access to product and short lead times for delivery.

Six star compliant
Enables architects to more easily meet the crucial six star energy rating required in today’s buildings.

Meets all industry compliance regulations – AS/NZS 4859, AS/NZS 3837 – BCA Group 1 – flame spread characteristics and meets the BCA 2010 section J energy ratings.
Provides proof of performance and peace of mind to architects and building professionals.

Excellent thermal insulation
RMAX Environmental Expanded Polystyrene combined with double sided aluminum foil works to keep heat out in summer and contained inside the structure during winter, providing year round insulation, cutting heating and cooling costs.

Heat reflectivity
ThermaStar™ reflects up to 97% of radiant heat.

Light weight, easy to use
Panels can be easily carried and installed by one man and are easily cut to size, saving time and money in installation.

Easy to retro fit
Easy to use, lightweight, clean, easy to cut and fit.

Long term R values
As it does not deteriorate over time, RMAX ThermaStar™ provides a consistent high level of insulation for the life of a building.

Varying densities and thicknesses
Enables the optimum product to be ordered in order to meet required rating requirements, thus saving costs.
Combines excellent insulation and strength.
Density can be customized to deliver the required R value for the particular site application.

Superior strength and rigidity
Aluminium foil laminated to RMAX EPS provides additional strength and rigidity.

ThermaStar™ is suitable for walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, sub floor applications in new construction and retro fitouts.

Large panel size
The 2500mm x 1200mm panels can quickly cover large surfaces, saving installation time.

Fire resistant
ThermaStar™ contains a fire retardant to reduce the likelihood of fire. This enables the EPS to self extinguish in small fires.

Safe to use
Non irritant, inert and does not contain harmful gases and is free of ozone depleting substances,

Neutral environment
Does not promote bacterial growth or provide a food source.

Moisture resistant
Retains its R values even under harsh conditions.

Freeze-thaw cycling
Maintains its insulative properties over the long term, regardless of weather conditions.