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RMAX ThermaStar™ is easy to install. The lightweight 2500mm x 1200mm panels can quickly cover large surfaces, saving installation time. Installation can be performed by one person. RMAX ThermaStar™ panels are compatible with a range of insulation fastening systems currently commercially available.

For best results, RMAX recommends the use of RAMSET InsulFast fixing systems for installation of its ThermaStar™ panels directly to concrete or steel. Please see below for application instructions and technical information. For further information regarding the RAMSET range of Insulfast fastening systems for use with RMAX ThermaStar™ insulation panels please contact RAMSET directly on 1300 780 063.

Installation Procedure

  1. Place the fastener assembly over the front end of the tool without compressing the fastener guide.
  2. Force the fastener assembly through the insulation and compress the tool completely. Once the fastener has reached the base material, (concrete / steel) release the pressure on the tool and allow the fastener guide to fully extend (by moving the tool away from the insulation by approximately 15mm).
  3. While keeping hands away from the front of the tool, fully compress the tool against the insulation.
  4. Immediately pull the trigger once the tool is fully compressed.
  5. Remove the tool.

Tool Specification

Part No. InsulfastGT
Impact force 100 Joules
Weight 3.4kg
Length 385mm
Insulation Fastener Capacity 75mm
Force Required to Activate 3.5kg
Power Source ** Fuel Cell
No. of Fixings / Fuel Cell 500
Power regulation Automatic
Operating temperature -5°C to 49°C

**Fuel cells are included with all fasteners

Fastener Specification

Fastener Body Material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Holding Diameter 60mm
Lengths Available 25mm to 75mm
Drive Pin Material Carbon Steel
Drive Pin Plating Mechanical Zinc Plate
Drive Pin Shear Strength 8.0kN

Insulation Fasteners for Concrete, Masonary and Steel

Part No Rigid Insulation Thickness Soft Insulation Thickness Fastener Colour* Order Quantity
IG625 25mm 25mm-30mm Natural (white) 400
IG625B 25mm 25mm-30mm Black 400
IG650 50mm 50mm-55mm Natural (white) 300
IG650B 50mm 50mm-55mm Black 300
IG675 75mm 75mm-85mm Natural (white) 250
IG675B 75mm 75mm-85mm Black 250

*Other sizes and colours such as silver, to a maximum of 75mm in length are available on request. Minimum order quantities and lead times apply.

Technical Load Data

Part No. Concrete Strength Tensile Working Load Limit WLL
IG625 25-45MPa 0.15kN
IG625B 25-45MPa 0.15kN
IG650 25-45MPa 0.15kN
IG650B 25-45MPa 0.15kN
IG675 25-45MPa 0.15kN
IG675B 25-45MPa 0.15kN

The recommended load (kN) is calculated from the mean ultimate load and a factor of safety higher than 4.

RMAX recommends a minimum of 5 fixings per fastened ThermaStar™ panel. One fastener should be applied in each corner of the panel and one in the middle of the panel. As concrete composition varies jobsite testing is recommended.

ThermaStar™ is easy to work – it can be cut with circular saw or handsaw

The 2500mm x 1200mm panels can quickly cover large surfaces, saving installation time.

Density and thickness can be customized to deliver the required R value for the particular site application.