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Made from RMAX high quality M Grade expanded polystyrene, RMAX Thermawall® is suitable for traditional building applications as well as opening up opportunities for new designs and building techniques. It is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

RMAX Thermawall® is supplied ready to take render. Grooves in the EPS board assist the render to adhere and lock in, ensuring it can be applied quickly with confidence. It is suitable for both straight and curved wall applications.

RMAX Thermawall® contains Perform Guard®, an inorganic material that is a deterrent to termites and is incorporated into the EPS during manufacture. It is not just a surface additive, but provides fully integrated protection of the EPS for the life of the building.

Quality Assurance

RMAX Thermawall® is manufactured from M Grade Perform Guard® EPS and conforms to AS 1366: Part 3 -1992. It contains a fire retardant additive to reduce the likelihood of fire. This enables the EPS to self extinguish in small fires.

RMAX Thermawall® is tested in the RMAX NATA accredited laboratory to ensure conformance to all relevant Australian standards. This testing also verifies consistent product quality in physical strength and flame retardant properties.


BAL Bush Fire Attack Level.


After the Canberra bushfires in 2003, the Australian Standard relating to building was reviewed and a new Australian Standard (AS 3959) was introduced nationally in 2009. 

The new building standard has six risk levels (Bushfire Attack Levels-BALs). There are increasing construction requirements that range from ember protection at the lower levels to direct flame contact protection at the highest. The new building standard increases the construction requirements on residential buildings so they are better bushfire protected.

Products used in external construction of houses should have a BAL rating ensures that building is undertaken in such a way that risk to people and property is minimised. 

It is a requirement that a person or organisation who has suitable qualifications and experience undertakes the BAL assessment. RMAX commissioned EXOVA Warringtonfire, a NATA accredited testing authority, specialising in BAL testing and certification to undertake their BAL 29 conformance testing. 

To meet the BAL 29 conformance requirements as tested by EXOVA Warringtonfire, RMAX Orange Board render must be used and applied at a minimum thickness of 8mm.

PLEASE NOTE: The use of any render system other than the RMAX Orange Board render, applied at minimum thickness of 8mm, may meet the requirements of the BAL 29 certification. 

It would be expected that similarly formulated render products would deliver the same test results however RMAX has not tested other render systems.