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Installation of ThermaLock® is quick and easy requiring reduced amounts of labour. Material can be cut on site with a knife or saw, ensuring a tight fit, eliminating heat loss channels. Lightweight ensures ease of handling.

ThermaLock® pipe section is supplied in 1200mm lengths as standard or cut to specific lengths.

To allow for various piping or vessel dimensions ThermaLock® can be made to measure.

The Importance of a Vapour Seal

For effective insulating performance, a vapour seal must be included on the hot side of any insulation. The vapour seal must be used regardless of how good the insulant may be in resisting the passage of water vapour.

In the situation of a cold store, local imperfections in the vapour seal may not immediately produce serious results as moisture is drawn through the insulation and deposited on the refrigeration coil. Although the efficiency of operation is reduced, the cold store will not be put out of service.

However, in the case of pipe or a vessel, moisture vapour penetrating a vapour seal and insulation will halt when the metal wall is reached, if it has not condensed and frozen before that point.

The expansion which results from ice formation as the moisture freezes, will gradually split the insulation, or force it away from the metal surface. Even a small break in the vapour seal can start deterioration of the insulation.

Faults in the vapour seal should be rectified by trained operators when the plant is shut down. This is recommended because of the difficulty in effecting satisfactory repairs while the plant is in service.