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Fixed Roof Applications

ThermaProof™ is normally installed on top of a waterproofing membrane. It acts as protective layer, prolonging the lifespan of the membrane and providing efficient thermal insulation for the space below. A plastic membrane acting as a joint separator is laid over the board before applying a good cement sand screed or using a suitable ballast such as river pebbles. The joints facilitate installation and prevent the entry of water.

Roof Garden Applications

With the scarcity and increasing cost of land, spaces dedicated to gardens are more and more difficult to come by. As an alternative, RC flat roofs and open areas, such as balconies, present the possibility of conversion into an actual garden. Such garden systems offer lightweight solutions to conventional roof garden systems. And some even enable water retention within the system, thus reducing the need to water plants.

For rooftop garden applications ThermaProof™ can be easily installed on both old and new RC flat roofs. These trays are placed on top of a waterproofing membrane before selected backfill materials are placed as growing media.