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Features & Benefits

Water resistance
Provides superior water resistance qualities. Ideal for use in high moisture and humidity areas. Due to its unique technology moisture gain is minimized and the thermal resistance values remain high. It offers a high degree of dimensional stability in all conditions.

Long term insulation values
The thermal resistance (R value) is constant because its cellular structure contains only stabilized air. Ageing has no significant effect on performance if installed correctly.

Temperature cycling resistance
Provides long-term consistent performance without loss of structural integrity or physical properties.

Overlapping joints
Assists water resistance. Simplifies installation.

Light weight and easy to use
ThermaProof™ can be quickly and easily installed, requiring limited labour. It can be cut to shape with a knife or saw to ensure a tight custom fit, eliminating heat loss channels.

Speed of application
1200mm x 600mm panels can be used to quickly cover large external areas.

Excellent compressive strength yet lightweight
Designed to withstand specific loads of foot traffic, ballast and equipment that the roof will be subject to.

Suitable for new construction and renovation
Because of its versatility, ThermaProof™ is suitable for most roofing solutions where insulation is a pre-requisite.

Unique orange colour
Indentifies ThermaProof™ as an RMAX quality product.

No nutrient value
ThermaProof™ provides no nutrient value to plants, animals and micro organisms, does not rot and is highly resistant to mildew, assisting in the reduction of building maintenance.

Proven technology
ThermaProof™ uses BASF Peripor® technology used in Europe and Asia since 1997.

Environmentally sound
The EPS used in ThermaProof™ is recyclable and has a small environmental footprint.