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Unlike conventional expanded polystyrene (EPS), ThermaProof™ has a very low water absorption rate, thus ensuring a consistent k value. This feature makes it the ideal roofing solution where exposure to rain and ground water is a common occurrence.


  • Overlapping insulation board moulded from flame retardant Peripor® resin with low water absorption and high mechanical strength.
  • The finished board is orange in colour.
  • The thermal conductivity k value of the board is in the range of 0.038-0.034.

Technical Properties

  • Thermal conductivity (W/m2K) 0.038-0.034 (DIN 52612)
  • Compressive strength (kPa) >200 AS 2498.3
  • Water absorption by diffusion (%Vol) <5% (EN 12088)
  • Water absorption by total immersion (%Vol) <0.1% (AS 2498.8)

    Note: Figures sourced from BASF tests. These may vary slightly with ThermaProof™.