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Features & Benefits

Graphite particles
Graphite particles act as infrared reflectors that considerably reduce thermal conductivity.

Better insulation
Builders and designers can achieve the six star energy rating more easily.

Less environmental impact
Less raw material is used in the manufacture of ThermaSilver® than its equivalent thickness EPS panel.

Thinner panel thickness
Provides insulation solutions where space is a problem such as in-fills and medium-high density developments.

Multiple applications
ThermaSilver® is suitable for exterior, interior, pitched roofs and cavity insulation, insulating concrete forms (ICFs) floor and panel insulation. ThermaSilver® is suited to both straight and curved wall applications.

Greatly improved insulation effect
Up to 20% more insulation performance with the same board thickness. Or conversely, achieves the same energy rating as normal EPS using a thinner board.

Reduces stress and the risk of crack formation
Reduces thermal cycling by holding temperatures in a narrower range. This reduces expansion and contraction of building elements, hence less mechanical stress on these elements.

Dimensionally stable, weather-resistant and ageing-resistant
ThermaSilver® will last the life of the building with no deterioration of insulation effectiveness.

Non-glare work in direct sunlight due to reduction of light reflection
Less glare enables more accurate insulation, reduces worker fatigue.

Easy handling during processing due to weight advantage
Less labour, safer to handle and manoeuvre.

Easy to cut and install
Saves time, provides a tight fit.

Cost advantages vs additional costs
Additional cost is far outweighed by energy cost savings over the life of the building.

Proven processing method similar to conventional EPS
Specifiers and builders are assured of a consistent high quality product.

Design versatility and flexibility
ThermaSilver® can be used on a wide spectrum of building styles where superior thermal and acoustic qualities are required. Enables architects explore new design frontiers.

Environmentally friendly
ThermaSilver® is made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). It is 100% recyclable, made up of 97% - 99% air and 1% -3% material.

Energy efficient
ThermaWallSilver® is energy efficient during its manufacture and retains its energy efficient properties throughout its entire life.

Excellent thermal insulation
The thermal capabilities of ThermaSilver® assist designers and builders achieve a high energy rating throughout the life of the project.

Cost effective
ThermaSilver® clads and insulates in the one operation. The large panels can quickly cover large external surfaces, leaving internal cavities free to enable easy installation of services.

Accepts a variety of decorative and architectural finishes
ThermaSilver® panels are manufactured ready to accept render to achieve a variety of finishes.

Fire resistant
Once the heat source is removed from ThermaSilver® it ceases to burn.

Quality assured
ThermaSilver® conforms to Australian Standard 1366 Part 3 - 1992 and contains a flame retardant additive. RMAX tests physical properties during manufacture and also routinely checks these results in our NATA accredited testing facility.

Silver-grey colour
Identifies ThermaSilver® as an RMAX quality product.

Proven technology
ThermaSilver® is made from Neopor® resin developed by BASF.

Proven performance
BASF has been using Neopor® technology in European building construction since 1995.

Manufactured by RMAX
RMAX is Australia’s leading manufacturer of EPS for the building industry – your guarantee of quality.