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Without effective insulation, buildings are susceptible to heat absorption in summer and heat loss in winter, creating an uncomfortable living environment. Poor insulation can also contribute to structural damage of the building through excessive thermal cycling. ThermaSilver®, properly installed, provides a healthy living environment and reduces energy costs in both summer and winter.


The improved insulative performance of ThermaSilver® results from minute particles of graphite mixed with EPS that act as infrared reflectors that considerably reduce thermal conductivity. These graphite particles are shown in the above magnified image along side EPS particles.

Better Thermal Insulation

ThermaSilver® enables more streamlined structures to be built while providing a better insulating effect. The infrared reflectors considerably reduce thermal conductivity and permeability. The insulation effect of ThermaSilver® can be up to 20% higher than with conventional EPS.


Practical Advantages of

  • Greatly improved insulation effect
  • Reduces stress and the risk of crack formation
  • Dimensionally stable, weather-resistant and ageing-resistant
  • Non-glare work in direct sunlight due to reduction of light reflection
  • Easy handling during processing due to weight advantage
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Proven processing method similar to conventional EPS
  • Versatile application possibilities
  • Proven performance in buildings in Europe

Technical Manual

Download ThermaSilver® Technical brochure – PDF