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What is RMAX Thermawall® made from?

RMAX Thermawall® is made from RMAX recyclable expanded polystyrene, a lightweight, cellular material consisting of fine spherical shaped particles which are comprised of 94% - 99% air and 4% - 1% polystyrene. This air is trapped within a number of closed hollow cells in each particle which provides the excellent insulative properties of RMAX Thermawall®.

Is RMAX Thermawall® industry compliant?

RMAX Thermawall® is manufactured from M grade Perform Guard® EPS and conforms to AS 1366: Part 3 – 1992. It contains a fire retardant additive to reduce the likelihood of fire. This enables the EPS to self extinguish in small fires.

RMAX Thermawall® is tested in the RMAX NATA accredited laboratory to ensure conformance to all relevant Australian standards. This testing also verifies consistent product quality in physical strength and flame retardant properties.

Why are RMAX Thermawall® panels grooved?

Grooves in the EPS board assist the render to adhere and lock in, ensuring it can be applied quickly with confidence. They can also serve to align screws and washers.

Is RMAX Thermawall® easy to install?

Yes. Its lightweight rigid construction enables it to be easily transported, unloaded and maneuvered onto any building site. Combined with the sheet size (2500mm x 1200mm), this contributes to fast construction times and reduced construction costs.

How is RMAX Thermawall® fixed?

RMAX Thermawall® is fixed directly to the housing frame. For further details consult the RMAX Thermawall® technical manual.

What is the fire performance of RMAX Thermawall®

RMAX Thermawall® is made from RMAX recyclable EPS that is a self- extinguishing expanded polystyrene. It self extinguished when the source of flame is removed.

What thicknesses are available?

40mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm

Is RMAX Thermawall® environmentally friendly?

Yes. RMAX Thermawall® is made from RMAX recyclable EPS. It is biologically inert, and there are no CFCs, HCFCs or ozone depleting substances involved in its manufacture.

Is RMAX Thermawall® termite resistant?

Yes. RMAX Thermawall® contains perform Guard®, an exclusive termite resistant additive, but should always be used as part of an overall termite treatment program.

How economical is RMAX Thermawall® to use?

RMAX Thermawall® saves time in erection costs due the ease of installation. The unique grooved surface makes the rendering process quicker. Savings are ongoing as RMAX Thermawall® also insulates, reducing heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer.

What thermal ratings can I expect with RMAX Thermawall®?

40mm RMAX Thermawall® R value of 1.10

60mm RMAX Thermawall® R value of 1.60

75mm RMAX Thermawall® value of 2.05

100mm RMAX Thermawall® R value of 2.70

See the RMAX Thermawall® technical manual for more details.

What is the noise resistance of RMAX Thermawall®

No official tests have been conducted on RMAX Thermawall®. However RMAX has conducted a series of sound transmission tests on RMAX Orange Board®, a sister product to the RMAX Thermawall® panel, manufactured from the same EPS density grade and thickness as RMAX Thermawall®. It will exhibit the same sound transmission performance as the Orange Board® test and the results obtained below can be applied to RMAX Thermawall®.

RMAX 75mm Thick Orange Board M Grade:         Rw = 12 dB

RMAX 75mm Thick Orange Board M Grade + 5mm OB Render: Rw = 27dB

RMAX 75mm Thick Orange Board M Grade + 5mm OB Render + 10mm plaster: i.e. fully constructed wall system: Rw = 38 dB

Consult your distributor for further details.

Who stocks RMAX Thermawall® and can I purchase direct from RMAX?

Contact your local distributor. RMAX does not sell RMAX Thermawall® direct to the public.

Who can install RMAX Thermawall®?

Best success has been through carpenters, texture coaters or qualified tradesmen. Your local distributor can provide names of experienced installers.