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Australian designed and made
Thermawall® is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, providing continuity of supply and short lead times for delivery.

Grooved surface
The grooved surface aids in render adhesion making for a quick and easy application.

Fully compliant.
RMAX Thermawall® conforms to AS 1366. Part 3 -1992. It is tested in the RMAX NATA accredited laboratory to ensure conformance to all relevant Australian standards. This testing also verifies consistent product quality in physical strength and flame retardant properties.

Meets requirements of Section 3.10.1 of BCA Vol. 2 AS1170.2 (high wind regions A and B)

Meets requirements of Section 2.2.2 of BCA vol Two, AS4284

Lightweight, easy to install
The lightweight, rigid construction of RMAX Thermawall® enables it to be easily transported, unloaded and maneuvered onto any building site, contributing to fast construction times and reduced construction costs.
Panels can be easily and safely carried by one person.

Design versatility
RMAX Thermawall® can be used on a wide spectrum of building styles where excellent thermal qualities are required.
It is ideally suited where weight and insulation are important factors such as second floor installations.
RMAX Thermawall® is suitable for straight and curved wall applications.

Environmentally friendly
RMAX Thermawall® is made from RMAX expanded polystyrene (EPS). It consists of between 94% - 99% air and 4% -1% polystyrene and reduces energy use over the life of the building.
It is non toxic and odourless, biologically inert and contains no HCFCs.

Energy efficient
RMAX Thermawall® is energy efficient through its excellent thermal insulation performance. It provides energy cost savings for home owners.

Excellent thermal insulation
The thermal capabilities of RMAX Thermawall® assist designers and builders to achieve a high energy rating throughout the life of the building.

Cost effective
RMAX Thermawall® clads and insulates in the one operation. The large panels can be installed quickly enabling large external surfaces to be covered effectively.

Fire retardant
RMAX Thermawall® contains a fire retardant additive to reduce the likelihood of fire (It self-extinguishes when the source of the flame is removed).

Australia wide sales and service
RMAX Thermawall® is manufactured by RMAX, Australia’s largest producer of EPS, with manufacturing and sales offices in all states. Experienced staff are available to advise and answer queries.

Moisture and rot resistant
The RMAX Thermawall® panel meets the requirements of BCA P2.2.2 – Weather Proofing. RMAX Thermawall® has excellent resistance to moisture absorption in water. Due to its closed cell structure, moisture gain has limited effect on thermal resistance values.

Termite resistance
RMAX Thermawall® contains Perform Guard® – an exclusive termite resistant additive that assists in resisting termite infestation.

Reduces thermal bridging
RMAX Thermawall® can provide a continuous isolative wall around the building that will stop any thermal bridging.

Withstand knocks
When used with a reinforced mesh Thermawall® will withstand most backyard and domestic knocks.

Three thicknesses
Available in 40mm, 60mm, 75mm and 100mm thicknesses ensuring optimum insulation efficiency whilst minimising space.

External installation
External installation leaves internal cavities free enabling services to be easily installed.

Acoustic Properties
Although not classified as an acoustic panel, Thermawall® does possess sound deadening properties. These properties are enhanced when the panel is rendered.