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How is ThermaWallPlus® fixed?

By screw fixing board back to frame.

What is the fire performance of ThermaWallPlus®?

ThermaWallPlus® comprises an EPS core that is made of self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene.
(It self-extinguishes when the source of the flame is removed.)

What is the noise/sound resisitance of the board?

No official tests have been conducted by RMAX, but with the use of other sound-inhibiting materials a wall made up of 40mm ThermaWallPlus® can obtain a rating of 40 STC. (See your distributor for further details).

What thickness do you recommend?

In Australia, due to the extreme variations in temperature, we recommend 75mm ThermaWallPlus® providing 2.45 R value. It has excellent thermal insulating value and a depth of reveal at windows that enhances its architectural appearance.

How does it compare in price to bricks or fibre cement board?

ThermaWallPlus® saves time in erection costs due to the ease of installation, but we recommend that you discuss this with your local distributor, as transport and labour costs have a great bearing on the overall figures. Savings are ongoing as ThermaWallPlus® also insulates, reducing heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer.

What thermal rating can I expect?

See Technical Data Manual. 75mm ThermaWallPlus® with 10mm plasterboard on a 90mm stud will generate 2.45 R value.

What happens if someone hits it hard with a ball or a mower kicks stones against the wall?

ThermaWallPlus® has a high impact resistance! The material may dent, depending on the velocity of the projectile, but the dent is very easily patched.

Who stocks the product, can I purchase direct from RMAX?

Contact your local distributor. RMAX does not sell ThermaWalPlus® direct to the public.

Who can install the product?

Best success has been through carpenters, texture coaters or qualified tradesman. Your local distributor can provide names of experienced installers.

Is ThermaWallPlus® termite resistant?

ThermaWallPlus® contains Perform Guard® – an exclusive termite resistant additive. RMAX Perform Guard® EPS is termite resistant but should always be used as part of an overall termite treatment program.