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Features & Benefits

Multitude of applications
ThermaWallPlus® can be used for both straight and curved wall applications.

Design versatility and flexibility
ThermaWallPlus® can be used on a wide spectrum of building styles where excellent thermal qualities are required.

Environmentally friendly
ThermaWallPlus® is made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), one of the most environmentally friendly products on earth.

Energy efficient
ThermaWallPlus® is energy efficient during its manufacture. It provides energy savings for home owners.

High impact resistance
With its reinforced fibreglass coating, ThermaWallPlus® is able to easily withstand everyday backyard knocks.

ThermaWallPlus® sheets can be easily carried by one person unlike cement based sheet products. It is ideally suited where weight is a concern such as second floor installations.

Excellent thermal insulation
The thermal capabilities of ThermaWallPlus® assists designers and builders to achieve a high energy rating throughout the life of the building.

Cost effective
ThermaWallPlus® clads and insulates in the one operation. The large panels can quickly cover large external surfaces, leaving internal cavities free to enable easy installation of services.

Ease and speed of application
The 2500mm x 1200mm ThermaWallPlus® panels can quickly cover the exterior walls. The durable textured surface needs no preparation prior to render.

Accepts a variety of decorative and architectural finishes
ThermaWallPlus® panels are manufactured ready to accept render to achieve a variety of finishes.

Strengthens the structure
Because of its rigidity, ThermaWallPlus® adds racking strength to the frame or structure.

Termite resistance
ThermaWallPlus® contains Perform Guard® – an exclusive termite resistant additive that assists in resisting termite infestation.

Fire resistant
ThermaWallPlus® contains a fire retardant to reduce the likelihood of fire. This enables the EPS to self extinguish in small fires.