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ThermaWallPlus® Projects

AV Jennings Choose ThermaWallPlus®

ThermaWallPlus® has been used extensively by AV Jennings in their display homes at St Clair Woodville in South Australia. ThermaWallPlus® assists these dwellings achieve the crucial 6 star energy rating whilst at the same time providing the strength and durability to withstand everyday backyard knocks.

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ThermaWallPlus® used in Mandurah Housing project.

The Frasers Landing development in Mandurah West Australia, developed by Fraser Property, is a benchmark for sustainable and ecologically sensitive residential design. All dwellings in the development have been built to exacting six star energy rating standards.

ThermaWall Plus® from RMAX has been used exclusively as the external cladding and insulation material. This new generation external panel technology combines exterior cladding with insulation, enabling projects to achieve high energy ratings required for insulation, contributing to sustainable building practices. 

The challenge:
The developers, Frasers Property, specified a six star rating for this unique development
at Frasers Landing, Mandurah, south of Perth. Every product used in the development had to make its contribution in order to achieve the rating. They stipulated materials that supported the sustainable approach for the estate be used, believing that sustainable building practices would appeal to the target market.

The estate would eventually carry 1250 houses so continuity of supply was critical.
As it was an estate built for families, product durability was crucial.

The Solution
Frasers Property design team with builder Frasers Homes and collaborating architect Bravura Design nominated RMAX ThermaWallPlus® as the preferred cladding system not only for its excellent insulative qualities but because of its ease and speed of construction and its resistance to backyard knocks.

RMAX and their distributor in Perth, Build Technologies worked with the developers to ensure the challenge was met on time and within cost parameters.

The Result
This community of architecturally distinctive homes have been sensitively designed and planned to connect with the unique natural environment while meeting the desired six star energy rating, saving on heating and cooling costs for residents.

ThermaWallPlus® is a good example of RMAX Innovation at work in the development of expanded polystyrene building products for the building and construction industry.