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Case Study 1

The Challenge
To build a 3-storey house on a canal estate. A formidable task, given the presence of the water table and Council restrictions on the height of the roof line.

The Solution
By reducing the thickness of each suspended concrete floor, RMAX VoidForm® Waffle Raft Slab system permitted the house to comply with the restrictions of both the water table and the Council by-laws. The VoidForm® Waffle Raft Slab eliminated the need for large concrete beams at the perimeter of the building.
RMAX VoidForm® are totally unaffected by moisture.

Case Study 2
FORESTDALE, Queensland

The Challenge
Spanning a council's sewer main.
The Solution
Faced with the option of building a small house or spanning the sewer, the choice was the latter. This was achieved by the strength of the VoidForm® Waffle Raft Slab which allowed it to be suspended over the sewer without piers. A great saving in time and money.
RMAX VoidForm® waffle raft slab systems are capable of spanning sewers and water mains without piers.

Case Study 3
OAKDEN, South Australia

The Challenge
To reduce costs on excavation footings.

The Solution
By applying the VoidForm® Waffle Raft Slab there was a significant reduction in excavation requirements, and combined with the elimination of the need for footings, the desired cost saving were achieved.
RMAX VoidForm® need no assembly: they arrive on site ready to use.

Case Study 4
OTTOWAY, South Australia

The Challenge
The presence of floating rock on the building site.

The Solution
The unknown quantity of floating rock signalled an escalation of costs using the conventional footing slab. The engineer’s preference for a VoidForm® Waffle Raft Slab not only saved costs, but importantly, achieved a secured foundation on this problem site.
The quality standard of the finished job is assured with RMAX VoidForm®.

Case Study 5
MALVERN, Victoria

The Challenge
To erect two town houses, economically, on soft, silty soil, with a depth of 800mm to natural clay.

The Solution
The initial design was based on a conventional stiffened raft slab. By converting to a VoidForm® Waffle Raft Slab, the cost was reduced by approximately $6,000.
The RMAX VoidForm® System provides ease of use, reliability, lower costs.

Case Study 6

The Challenge
To provide a competitive alternative to a construction of units using screw-in piles.

The Solution
A redesign of the development to use a combination of bulk concrete piers and VoidForm® Waffle Raft Slab. A system that saved the builder thousands of dollars.
RMAX VoidForm® can be used effectively on sites where sand, reactive soils and water tables are a problem.