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RMAX VoidForm® Waffle Raft Slab System Components

Voidlock (SPACER) Voidform Located Together


Step 1 - The building site must be levelled., all plumbing pipes fixed in place and the formwork positioned. Step 2- Plastic sheeting of 200 microns is spread over the site, with all laps taped. Step 3 - Starting from the corner of the site, lay VoidForms in grid pattern, using Void-Lock grid spacers. The VoidForms can be easily cut to size and to fit plumbing fixtures. Step 4 - Place the reinforcemer bars between the VoidForms and the top mesh over the total area. Ensure tie laps are used as required. Step 5 - Place chairs under the mesh at a rate of 4 per VoidForm. Step 6 - In a single concrete pour, partially cover the VoidForm before filling the ribs. (This will help prevent the VoidForm from floating)


Distribution and Clean Up


EPSA (Expanded Polystyrene Australia) is the industry body formed to assist with the management of EPS related issues related to the use of voidforms in the buidling industry. EPSA is committed to the continued success and growth of EPS as an industry sector and is the peak body that deals with public, government, and business regarding the recyclability and value that EPS offers.

EPS Pod( RMAX VoidForm®) Distribution and Clean Up Responsibilities

EPSA has developed an Industry Code of Practice for the efficient clean up of EPS products on building sites. As a leading EPS manufacturer in Australia, RMAX subscribes to and supports this Code of Practice.

Developer Responsibilities

Consider the installation of perimeter fencing to the development site to safeguard the environment and equipment that may be left there during construction.

The Voidform Supplier

RMAX as the VoidForm® supplier will deliver pods, spacers and bags for clean up on site and RMAX will secure them in place by the approved method. This varies from state to state.

The Builder/Concreter (varies from state to state)

  • Manage the use of products on site and ensure pods are secure using the approved tie down method at all times.
  • Pack up scrap pods and any off cuts and place into bags provided by RMAX. Secure with the approved tie down method.
  • Notify RMAX that unused pods and off cuts are ready to be collected.
  • Intact pods along with off cuts to be secured by the approved method ready for collection to avoid being blown off site.
  • All recyclable EPS is to be kept separate from other materials.
  • Only clean EPS waste will be collected from the site. Bags containing products other than EPS off cuts will not be collected. Contaminated EPS comprising EPS attached to concrete, metal or other products should be placed in the general waste stream.


For further information contact Expanded Polystyrene Australia on 03 5435 2046, email, visit the EPSA website or call RMAX on 1300 888 972.